January 2, 2019


I'm not going to sugarcoat it - 2018 has been one of the biggest challenges from a personal and professional standpoint. So 2019 is all about improving on that, in any (and every) way possible.

I saw a tweet this morning:

A goal without a plan is an illusion.

So here, today, i'm setting a bunch of goals that i can be held accountable to.

In 2018, emotions ruled the waves.

Jealousy, envy, depression, worry, malice... the list was endless. It's safe to say that the mixture of emotions I experienced in 2018 was the most diverse set i've felt since i was 15.

Emotions are great, but when they rule decision making, particularly when you're trying to build a business.

I often see the success of other developers - both those who are well known, and those i know personally, and immediately compare that to my success. But the comparison is never whole - I compare someone's entire career to one week of mine, or someone's big win on one day to my entire career.

I need to rememeber that Comparison is the thief of joy.

Goal Number One: Make less decisions based on emotion, and try not to compare myself so much to other people.

Don't hype something you can't finish.

Last year, and the previous year, i talked about two projects i wanted to launch badly:

But, as we all know with side projects - real paid work takes over your time quickly. Gotta pay those bills! and so sadly neither has been shipped.

Goal number 2: Ship at least two things that make money this year, and finish things you start.

Home is a sanctuary

We're all guilty of taking work home with us, but for us freelancers it can be especially tempting. All too often i feel guilty when i'm not working, there's a little voice in my head that says i should be doing something to further myself or make money.

Luckily i've been working in a co-working space lately, and that's giving me the opportunity to keep a routine and keep more seperation between work and home. I'm not totally unrealistic about this one - sometimes deadlines and circumstances can force me to have to take work home, but i want to actively discourage myself from doing it, so:

Goal Number 3: Stop treating home as a second office.

Work to feel better

Anxiety surrounding my health is one of my biggest problems. I'm constantly living in fear of what my body will throw at me next both mentally and physically.

I suffer from Hyperthyroidism and i'm clearly overweight, i geniunely believe that being heavier is both bad for my health (duh) and massively detrimental to my confidence.

I'm fully intending to enjoy this summer by spending more time in the lake district with the dog.

Goal Number 4: Make exercise a part of every week.

I know, that's still not a plan, or a clear goal, but since i've never really gotten serious about this before, i don't know what to aim for (yet). But i think this is the biggest thing i want to achieve in 2019.

Make more cool little things.

I've already said i want to ship two products this year, with the long term goal of moving my income stream away from doing pay-per-job client work (or at least, in the way it stands at the moment).

My other goal in 2019 is to create more work that is visible to all. Currently, i do large amounts of work under NDA or confidentiality agreements, which means my public portfolio is always very thin. This hasn't been a problem as a lot of my work comes from referral, but I still feel i need to be 'out there' more.

Goal Number 5: Increase exposure through writing and creating more cool little projects.

Crush down debt

I'm not in exorbitant amounts of debt, but it still hangs like a weight around my neck that i'd like to cut loose.

Goal Number 7: Crush that debt, crush it real good.

And for myself...

I'd like to get at least two more tattoos, I already have the artists lined up who i'd like to go to and have since last year.

I'd also like to go on a foreign holiday! I haven't left UK soil since i went to amsterdam in 2007(ish). And getting away from things, even if it's only for a few days, seems like a healthy thing to keep in mind.