Dan Matthews



Dan Matthews

Head Of Engineering @ Social Sync

I'll try and write some stuff here without going on too much, hopefully.

I'm a web developer and have been ever since I was given a book on CSS and HTML from a friend's dad nearly two decades ago now, I've been fascinated with what you can do with code. I even turned down a place at university to do mechanical engineering to delve further into the tech world.

I studied at the University of Cumbria on a course that promised a lot and delivered very little for someone with my aims. Everything i know about web development i sort of pride myself on having taught myself or learned through meeting and working with some incredible people over the years.

I was hired straight out of university, and spent 5-6 years building websites in Drupal with some of the lovieliest people i've ever met.

After that, I spent nearly six years running my own freelancing business - Black Lab Software - working with fantastic clients in the healthcare and recruitment sectors.

Now? I'm working at Social Sync with a brilliant team who are focused on building best-in-class tools for nonprofits to be able to run fundraising campaigns without paying extortionate amounts to fundraising companies.